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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Dream of Knitting...

What do I want to knit, if I ever get the yarn/pattern/something else indispensable? Well...

The ubiquitous, elusive Baby Surprise Jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, the pattern for which is very slowly making its way through the holds list at the library. I absolutely can't figure it out from the multitudinous pictures I've seen.

A largest-size Guideposts sweater in Red Heart Super Saver, striped in two yarns of different colorways--Banana Berry and Sunshine Print--using the "Darrell Waltrip" stitch pattern in the stockinette-stitch portion. (I've been swatching with leftovers from the sweaters I've already made in those colorways; I'll have to post a photograph to show how cool it looks!)

A multi-colored hat for the Ships Project on circular needles, for that extremely cool swirl-cone look. (At least one...)

An afghan based on a geometrical quilt-block pattern. (I'll probably never come up with one cool enough to make me do all that garter stitch, though. Now if only I could knit Drunkard's Path blocks...)

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