Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas presents and UFOs

For you non-knitters out there, a UFO is an UnFinished Object. Some people's UFOs have been around longer than I've been alive, let alone knitting! My own UFOs are actually WIPs (Works in Progress), which means I haven't given up on them yet--but I like saying UFO. It makes people jump.

Okay. I finished the Plum Pudding sweater mentioned below; I finished knitting a Captain America sweater for my little brother, except it turned out too small, so I'm giving it to my cousin in New York when it's sewn up, and making my brother a bigger one; I've finished several hats, three of them involving Bernat Super Saver in Lime Twist colorway (not my favorite--I got it to knit a hat for my uncle in Washington State. I've just about used it up). I've almost finished a scarf in Red Heart Super Saver, Gemstone colorway--I've just to weave in the ends (which, in Mistake Rib, is a project in and of itself). It was going to be for my aunt in Afghanistan--hi, Aunt Sandy!--but she doesn't like scarves. Which is fine, because I really didn't want to make another one for my mom, who wants one just like it. So she can have it.

I got Knitpicks Options interchangable circular needles for Christmas!!! Not the whole set--just sizes 7, 8, and 9, with a 40" cable for Magic Loop knitting so I can make hats without double-pointed needles and without sewing up. Glory glory hallelujah!
I'm already halfway through a hat for The Ships Project, which is to say for a soldier or sailor on a combat assignment somewhere. I'm using red/white/blue multicolored Red Heart Super Saver from Wal-Mart, and I love how it's working up--kind of a barber-pole effect, since the color wraps round and round the hat instead of puddling back and forth (this yarn puddles terribly on straight needles).

I can't wait to try Red Heart's Banana Berry colorway on circulars! It's a blue/green/yellow multi that looks just like the ocean off Florida on a sunny day and makes my (Floridian) mom homesick. The shading should look so gorgeous without seams!

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