Monday, January 14, 2008

Captain America Sweater (unfinished)

Captain America wip
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This is what we knitters call a UFO--an UnFinished Object. I just need to sew on the sleeves and knit the collar...

I'll post a more complete pattern when I finish it, but here are the basic specs: Made with Red Heart Super Saver and US size 9 needles. Stripy portion knitted sideways, stockinette stitch with 8 sts in garter stitch along one edge for the "ribbing", then grafted end-to-beginning.

Picked up stitches in blue along half the length of the stockinette edge, worked in stockinette to neck, sts bound off in middle and both "straps" worked at once over shoulders, then cast on new middle sts and worked until back of blue portion was same length as front. (The neck hole is square, in other words. Used a sort of cross between Kitchener and mattress stitch to bind off blue part and join it to other side of stripy part at the same time.

Sleeves: CO in blue, decreased 2 sts after 1 inch and then every 2 inches, changed to white and then red as you see, and finished with 2 inches of k1p1 ribbing after the last decrease. I would have picked up sts and not needed to sew them on, but I didn't have circular needles yet (got them for Christmas, made the sleeves on Christmas Eve.)

Collar: (not pictured) Pick up a suitable number of stitches around the neck edge and work k1p1 rib until tall enough or until you get thoroughly sick of it. Bind off.

This is a fandom tribute and no money is being made from it, yadda yadda Yoda.

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