Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guideposts Surprise Sweater

circular Guideposts sweater

This is the "Guideposts Surprise Sweater" I've been working on for a while--it's based on the Classic T-Top Sweater pattern from Guideposts magazine's Knit for Kids Project, altered to work completely in the round. I made the smallest size, since this was a test run. Here's the basic instructions:

Cast on twice the number of stitches the pattern lists for the size you want. Work in garter stitch for 10 rows. Work in stockinette to appropriate length. Place end-of-round marker, and 4 other markers--two of them 1 stitch away from end-of-round marker. The other two should each be 1 stitch away from the exact middle of the round.

Work in garter stitch (which, in the round, is "knit 1 row, purl 1 row"), increasing 1 stitch on both sides of each marked stitch every other row for a total of 8 sts increased every 2 rows. You must use mirrored e-loop or lifted-stitch increases--knit-front-and-back is too one-directional and produces a badly twisted sweater.

To rephrase the above increase instructions, in hopes that my readers can figure out what I mean one way or the other: On knit rows only or on purl rows only--your choice--do two mirrored increases by each marker except the end-of-round marker. One increase on either side of the marker.

When the garter-stitch portion of the sweater is large enough for the size you're knitting, bind off beginning at end-of-round marker. Cut yarn. The sweater will now look something like this:

Guideposts Surprise Sweater pre-folding

Fold the garter-stitch portion so it looks like the picture at the top of this post. With separate pieces of yarn, sew up shoulder seams. Weave in all ends.

Note: If some enterprising seam-hater wants to try three-needle bindoff on the shoulders, be my guest. Personally, I think it's impossible to do without breaking and rejoining the yarn way too much.


Marsha said...

Maybe just a question on phrasing, but should it not be increas of both sides ot the marked stitches in order to make all the sections grow as in your photo? Or am I not comprehending what you are trying to convey?

Susan said...

That is really clever, and you are so generous in sharing it. And I'm glad to finally see what this guidepost sweater everyone talks about actually looks like.

Margie said...

marsha: "increase both sides of the marked stitches" is exactly what I was trying to convey. however, you only do this every other row. sorry if my phrasing mixed you up!

susan: thanx so much! you are my most faithful reader! (or at least, most regular commenter...)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have re-unvented Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Nalgar" sweater method, except she didn't use garter stitch for the top part. I think she also raised the back neck with some short row shaping and you can certainly extend the sleeves to the wrist if you like.

Susan said...

Hi Margie, it's me again, I got tagged for a meme. And I just tagged you. Come to my blog for the rules.
PS Love the new picture at the top!

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Anonymous said...

I really liked knitting this in the round! Very Clever!!

I did work out a 3needle cast off if any of you are interested. It worked quite well and looked nice.

Linda’s 3 needle cast off—only one yarn break!

On a knit row, knit until the last corner prior to the end-of- row marker. That corner will be the beginning of one sleeve opening. Begin casting off at this point purl-wise. Cast off to the next increase marker which is the end of the sleeve opening, then purl until you reach the neck opening. (You will need to refer to the Guidepost pattern for the neck opening for your sweater size.) Cast off purl-wise across the neck opening. At the end of the neck opening, purl until the next sleeve corner. Cast off the sleeve opening purl-wise. Repeat purling to the neck, cast off, and purl the remaining stitches. At this point, turn the sweater inside out. The yarn will be at the beginning of your row, so you can cast off one shoulder using the 3 needle cast off. At the end of the first shoulder, break the thread and attach it to the 2nd shoulder. 3 needle cast-off the second shoulder. Work in ends.

(Note- I did try finishing the sweater with the Kitchener stitch but was unhappy with the result. The Kitchener will give a finish that looks like 2 knit rows and is quite visible in the garter stitch pattern. The 3 needle cast of was invisible on the right side of the garment.)

Ellisen said...

Thank you for kindly sharing this pattern, and for all your efforts.